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Welcome to the Incident Reporting system.

Thank you for helping us make your rowing safer by reporting your incident. It is often asked, 'why bother to report at all?' Well see our outline for the reasons and please pass on the message.

This reporting system is for everyone; clubs, individuals and events who need to report an incident or concern, whether or not damage, injury or a health issue has occurred. There is also a quick, fast track entry for "simple capsize" (but check the definition of that first!).

You may use your British Rowing account to log in using the form on the left. If you do not yet have an online account, you can easily sign up for one here.

Any reports you make when logged in will be visible to you online. A copy of your report will be sent to the Club Rowing Safety Advisor (CRSA) of the primary club involved and its Regional Rowing Safety Adviser.

Please remember that these reports are confidential, indeed they are covered by the Data Protection Act. It is possible that your RRSA may contact you to offer assistance. The information that you provide may also be used to produce anonymised advice to others, for example via Safety Alerts.

For further information on the Incident Reporting procedure please see Row Safe, Chapter 12.

Thanks again.

Clive Pendry, Chairman of the National Rowing Safety Committee
January 2015